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BeMe Theatre is a not-for-profit organization, which means we greatly rely on your attendance and generous support. In fact, our audience members are the backbone of every show we produce.

You can help BeMe Theatre become a permanent fixture in Munich’s cultural scene.  Make a difference in our community by bringing international, thought-provoking performances to stage.

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1. SUPPORTING MEMBER of BeMe Theatre e.V.: (annual membership fee 50€ - 199€)
2. LEAD MEMBER of BeMe Theatre e.V.: (annual membership fee 200€ - 499€)
3. STAR MEMBER of BeMe Theatre e.V.: (annual membership fee 500€ and up)
4. One-time donation.  

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*Membership fees are automatically renewed every year and payable by February 15th of each year.  You can cancel your membership or change your level of membership any time by simply sending us an e-mail.  Already paid fees are non-refundable. Membership does not include voting privileges.


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If you’ve any further questions please call us at 089-38 53 77 65 or send us an e-mail by using the contact form beside.