(Munich, Nov/Dec 2010) BeMe Theatre is proud to present Betrayal, a riveting drama covering, in reverse chronological order, nine years in the life of a married couple, Robert and Emma, and their best friend Jerry. We watch as this triangle unravels and begs us to ask the question not of “what’s next?” but of “why?” A brilliantly crafted play about the politics of betrayal and the damage it inflicts on all involved, Betrayal reminds us of the unending repercussions of choice. If you knew the repercussions of your move, would you still make it? Winner of the Laurence Olivier/BBC Award for Best New Play and the SWET Award

Die Handlung läuft im umgekehrten Uhrzeigersinn ab, so dass das Stück dort endet, wo der Ehebruch beginnt. Das erlaubt Pinter, die verkreuzten erotischen Beziehungen seiner Charaktere von der Abgestandenheit einer siebenjährigen Liaison zur Leidenschaftlichkeit des ersten Kusses zurückzuführen.» (Die Bühne, Wien). Pinter reverses conventional chronology to explore the multiple deceptions involved in a triangular relationship: far from being a simple adultery-play, it is really about the endlessly corrosive nature of betrayal which infects lovers' trust, male friendship, youthful idealism and even one's sense of self.. The scenes are ripe with suppressed tension, confused and unspoken feelings and torn loyalties. The three main characters are members of the 'creative class,' college-educated people looking at how they compromised their ideals in their 20s to attain an upper-middle-class lifestyle. There are lies, masking other lies. And through flashbacks and somewhat cryptic bits of dialogue, the audience must piece together these relationships -- and their moral implications. Winner of the Laurence Olivier/BBC Award for Best New Play and the SWET Award


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