My Zinc Bed

(Munich, March 2010) Three characters in a play about love, addiction and loss of faith. My Zinc Bed is a searing examination of addiction and obsession. It centres on Paul, a young poet and recovering alcoholic; billionaire businessman Victor who befriends and employs him; and Victor's young wife Elsa. The story builds in intensity as over the course of a summer, Paul and Elsa build a relationship united by their common need to live dangerously. The question arises: Is life without excitement and danger really living or just the perfect imitation of life? In trying to save your life, do you in fact lose it? My Zinc Bed is a superbly written drama that will hook you from the start and leave you wanting more.

David Hare is known for putting his finger on the pulse of the Zeitgeist in his writing. In this particular piece, he examines the arguments surrounding obsession and addiction. In a time when we hear so much about addiction - addiction to shopping, work, dieting, food, alcohol, substances - it would appear as though we have exchanged faith for addiction. The youth of today now talk about what they are addicted to as opposed to what they believe in. Our compulsions seem to have replaced our convictions. David Hare has written a play in which the characters clash and challenge each other's beliefs as they fight their personal demons. The play examines the argument that those suffering an addiction can "cure" themselves if they remove excitement and danger from their lives. No risk, no chance of falling. With wit, drama, and pathos, Hare explores themes of faith, friendship, and fidelity with a deep emotional resonance that heightens the story from beginning to end. Nominated for best new play at the Laurence Olivier Theatre Awards.


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