Problem Child

(Munich, March 2009) A motel somewhere in the outskirts of a city. A hideout, shelter, asylum, an anonymous place. In the hallways and rooms you can feel all the fears, hopes and longings of the unhappy and stranded. Such a place, a Suburban Motel, a cheap motel room somewhere in America is where Problem Child leads us and reveals to us, in a fast-paced, funny and touching story, the possible end of the American way of life.

Problem Child tells the story of RJ and Denise, a young couple, both former drug addicts at the bottom of society, fighting their fight against bureaucracy and authorities, trying to retrieve custody of their baby daughter. But with RJ completely immersed in the drama of Jerry Springer's tv talk show and Denise being one snide comment away from drastic action, will they be successful? With the aid of Phillie, a drunken motel employee Denise plots the kidnapping of her daughter from her foster home. The only impediment is Helen, a social worker bent on instilling morality and politeness in a woman too far gone to be changed. Real, funny and heartbreaking, Problem Child is a thrilling rollercoaster ride sure not to disappoint.