Seven Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse

(Munich, October 2009) Terminally unemployed and a full time spectator of life, Simon Labrosse invents a new job for himself everyday - emotional stuntman, ender of sentences, ego flatterer, easer of consciences - in order to fill the void in his existence. The one weapon he has to fight against a system which chokes him? He's alive! And therein lies the heart of this engaging and often hilarious play.

In Seven Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse, Simon Labrosse invites the public to witness a few scenes from his life. His friends, Leo, the dark poet, and Nathalie, the personal development fanatic, do the best they can in their various supporting roles, while Simon shares his countless infallible plans for what he terms his reinsertion into public life. Workless for quite some time, surrounded by rising unemployment and mortgage rates, Simon gets an idea to aide him in his quest to be a participant once again in society: he will offer innovative, original services. However, although Simon guesses the needs and secret wishes of his potential clients with great accuracy, he perhaps goes too far with what he offers... Ripe with political criticism, criticism of a political system that exists in the western world as we know it today, Seven Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse is a superbly written farce that will keep you laughing, engaged and moved. Nominated for the Governor General's Award for Drama, Canada.


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