Rob Wyn Jones

Rob Wyn Jones studied drama first in Wales and later with Fiorenza Guidi and Jacques Lecoq in France. He worked for the Elan Theatre in Wales for four years, creating various productions. For the last five years he has been living in Munich and working in several European theatrical productions, with, among others, the AGORA theatre in Belgium. To date, he has appeared in 20 countries and acted in 5 languages, in such productions as: Eva & Adam (Markus Zohner), Irgendwo (“Quelquepart“); Der Mann der Bäume pflanzte; Der kleine rote Prinz (Agora), Der Wiederholungstäter (Theater der Figur), Kaspar (Württenbergisches Staatstheater), Die Räuber; Gestochen scharfe Polaroids; Platanov (title role) (Theater die Tonne), Le Songe dùne Nuit d´Ete (Theatre Gerard Phillipe), Jetzt oder Nie (Badische Landesbühne), Slippers 2 (St Stevens Theater Melbourne).

Born in: 

Wales, UK

Based out of: 

Berlin, Germany


Wales, UK; Fiorenza Guidi and Jacques Lecoq in France